Nedre Romerike Avløpsselskap (NRA) is an intermunicipal sewage company for Rælingen, Skedsmo and Lørenskog county. The facility is intended to collect and treat wastewater from the municipal owners. NRA is a plant where the operations take place in a closed environment inside the mountain. As with any other mountain plants humidity poses a major threat for NRA. 


Nedre Romerike Vannverk (NRV) is an intermunicipal company in the same way as NRA, but owned by Fet, Sørum, Nittedal, Lørenskog, Rælingen and Skedsmo. The companys responsibility is to supply water to the municipalities, including spare water systems. NRV is a typical mountain plant, where production takes place in excavated rock. 


W. Giertsen Tunnel was brought in as a specialist in water protection of caverns. In 2010 we signed a framework agreement with NRA/NRV as the choosen supplier of waterproofing solutions. Our product WG Tunnelsealing are specially designed to secure all types of underground facilities for threathening water and drip. In parts of the NRA and NRV we have assembled WG Tunnelsealing while the facilities have been in full operational production. 


NRA and NRV is today fully operational with waterproofing solution WG Tunnelsealing from W. Giertsen Tunnel. Read more about WG Tunnelsealing here.