The power plants in Saudafjorden started operations in 1919 and has a long tradition for natural energy. In 2009 Sønnå Kraftverk (Power Plant) opened by majority owner Elkem. The new power plant is a typical mountain facility where over 34 km of tunnels are excavated. As with most plant excavated in rock one of the biggest threats are constitute humidity and drip. Especially in a facility that Sønnå Kraftverk where the caverns contain expensive and modern equipment. 


W. Giertsen Tunnel was brought in as a specialist in waterproofing of underground facilities with our patented solution, WG Tunnelsealing. The solution is perfect for use in underground facilities such as power plants as the solution gets tailored for each individual project. 


In Sønnå Kraftverk W. Giertsen Tunnel has supplied and installed waterproofing with WG Tunnelsealing in the station hall, access tunnel, transformer hall, valve chamber and pipe tunnel. 


Sønnå Kraftverk is just one example of power plants where W. Giertsen Tunnel has provided the waterproofing solutions. This is a field where we have extensive experience with both product and technical operations. Contact us today for an noncommittal inspection of your facility.